Peng, offline!

Some of you maybe noticed it before, but gdf was not active at least the last months. So we decided to go down the caves for a while.

I know that you won't be really happy bout this, but we will come back. soon - of course ;)

We'll come up with some some new features, an impressive new defrag cup, a bit different from dfcomp or gdfcomp (or the breakdown comp etc) and we have some great new colors for you. Not blue/blue like the 1st version, not red/black like the 2nd version and of course no combination with blue/yellow and a dark background. It's a white background. No more infos!

Maybe you'll find here some further informations in the next few days.

There is no message board where you can spam during the offline period. After this period you'll get a new message board without spam.

Oh, and gdf will be more international ... as you can see .. or read .. or both ..

Thanks for the great time the last few years, let's have a better time the next!

marc, lars, tobi, baschdi und basti